Our Franchises

Groupe Tevere is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and support to its members. We are a leader in the Italian food section with 19 locations in 3 provinces, including 6 counters at Montreal’s Olympic stadium.

Since 1968, Place Tevere restaurants have delighted numerous admirers’ palates with quick, authentic and delicious Italian cuisine. The secret behind their success is quite simple; a harmonious blend of fresh ingredients and a natural know-how, faithful to tradition that’s in keeping with Italian gastronomy.

Place Tevere offers a wide variety of Italian-style meals that are sure to delight food lovers. The pizzas are appetizing and come in different varieties, each one more delicious than the other, pasta dishes are perfectly prepared according to tradition, and salads are flavourful and tasty.

Chop Crazy proposes a scrumptious, personalized salad as your next food court meal. But do not let yourself be fooled, these salads are not your typical garden salad. Chop crazy uses high quality ingredients to concoct the most inspired salads and dressings that will leave you feeling satisfied without the guilt. In fact, you will be pleased to find an appetizing array of healthy choices in addition to our tasty salads, such as delicious wraps, fruit salads, muffins, smoothies and more.
Joséphine la poutine is the ultimate destination for poutine lovers. Whether it be our smoked meat poutine, chicken poutine or any other of our many poutine variations you can count on crispy fries, hot savory gravy, and fresh curds! Our menu also includes such comfort foods as our mouth-watering smoked meat sandwiches, club sandwiches, European sausages and more!
SUPER FRITE offers a delectable fast food menu where the theme is fresh fries. We source fresh ingredients locally and do not use any frozen foods. But our concept is not limited to fries. You can also enjoy a truly delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or light meal.